A statement about how my research agenda fits together.

PUBLICATIONS – Please email (sgadaria at maxwell dot syr dot edu) for a copy of papers if they are not linked or you don’t have access.

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Book Chapters and Other Publications
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Work in Progress
Complex Interactions:Candidate Race, Sex, Electoral Institutions, and Voter Choice           (with Melody Crowder-Meyer, Jessica Trounstine, and Kau Vue)
Voting Can Be Hard: Information can Help (with Jessica Trounstine and Melody Crowder-Meyer)Terrorism, Refugees, Trust in Comparative Perspective (with Øyvind Bugge Solheim)Social media use and fear levels after the Paris 2015 attacks. A comparative study (with Kari Steen-Johnsen and Bernard Enjolras)Fair trade? American attitudes on trade deals and trade wars (with Daniel McDowell)Off to the Courts? Off to the Agency? Public Attitudes Toward Legal and Bureaucratic Approaches to Regulation (with Quinn Mulroy)

Supreme Court Policy Legitimation: A Comparison of Survey-Experimental and Natural Effects (with Logan Strother)